How it works

For user

  1. Choose a product you like.
  2. Check how many followers you need to have.
  3. Register on the chosen product using the same email address as your Twitter account.
  4. Share the product on Twitter using our service.
  5. Wait up to 48 hours for the product founder to upgrade your account.
Note that deleting the tweet will result in a permanent ban from using Twito and the product.
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For product founder

  1. Submit your product through our form.
  2. Users will share your product on Twitter.
  3. Check the dashboard for users needing Pro upgrade within 48 hours.
We'll notify you if a user deletes their tweet. If this happens, you can ban them.
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Should my Twitter profile be public for Twito to work correctly?

Yes, it is mandatory, otherwise, Twito will not be able to automatically verify that you have posted the promotional tweet.

Will my promotional tweet be permanently placed on my profile?

Yes, the tweet will be placed on your profile permanently as your PRO account is permanent. You cannot delete the tweet, and if you do, we will ban your account.

What should I do if I posted a promotional tweet, but the product founder doesn't upgrade my account to PRO within 48 hours?

Do not delete the tweet and contact our support team at to resolve the issue.

Is Twito a free service?

Yes, Twito is currently a free service, but we reserve the right to monetize it in the future.